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Fh munster library. “It isn’t only good to understand what you are performing, but in addition ways to do it and why, ” says Prof. Dr. Steve Strupeit

And hence briefly describes the target of the master’s degree in nursing science, which will start at the Schw?bisch Gm?nd University of Education from the summer season semester 2021. Soon after…

Diversity in schools and lessons: ideas and debates below the sign of masters comprehensive exam heterogeneity
Heterogeneity is a essential catchphrase in debates about inclusion and equal opportunities. College will need to master heterogeneity, but at the very same time it creates it itself. In “Diversity in School and Lessons”, didactic teaching concepts are initially checked for their suitability: How…
There is? Physics in wine!

Physics and barriques are closer than expected. On Saturday, December 5th, from 12 noon, Prof. Dr. Lutz Kasper from the Schw?bisch Gm?nd University of Education and his colleague Dr. Patrik Vogt from the Mainz Institute for Teacher Training on YouTube Livestream “Taste of Science”…
Around the Role of Mental Wellness Activities for Teachers? Function and Life.
Daily behavior is receiving increasingly interest, each within the prevention of mental impairment along with the promotion of mental wellness? Inside and beyond the operate context. The present study aimed to recognize the importance of mental overall health activities for well-being and good functioning of?
BildKlangLesung with Ferdinand Lutz and Dominik Merscheid.
Ferdinand Lutz and Dominik Merscheid will present a special kind of multimedia total perform of art on Thursday, December three, 2020, at 2.15 p.m. Within the BUFO image book center (for BUFO /guide-on-how-to-prepare-for-comprehensive-exams/ researchers or UFO books) in the Schw?bisch Gm?nd University of Education.

Psychometric properties of family sense of coherence scale amongst German university students and measurement invariance across genders.
Family members sense of coherence consists of a mechanism shared by members of a household to deal with stressors. It is connected to the perceived comprehensibility, manageability, and meaningfulness of an individual? S family life. The study aimed to adapt Family Sense of Coherence Scale to German culture and?
Get youngsters excited about literature.
More than 250 spectators joined in when Frank Maria Reifenberg study from his children’s book? Lenny unter Geistern?. The children’s and young adult book author was at the workshop discussions of your picture book center BUFO (for BUchForscher or books-UFO) of the Swabian University of Education…
Boost the assessments of specialists within the well being and social sciences.
Researching the idea, the methodology and the top quality of structured processes of assessments by authorities within the well being and social sciences – that is the objective pursued by the DeWiss network “Delphi method in the well being and social sciences”, which can be now for the first time… p>

Put an end to sexualized discrimination and violence at universities.
To get a respectful togetherness and against sexualized discrimination and violence: That’s the purpose of the nationwide campaign “Draw a line! “, Which will start out within the winter semester 2020/21 and on an initiative on the equality officers at the universities of Baden-W?rttemberg…
Enrichment for the university.
Outstanding academic performance and above-average commitment: This is what distinguishes the winners of the? DAAD Prize for Outstanding Achievements by Foreign Students?. The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) supplies the universities with the…
On the trail of the interactions between health and physical exercise.

How do physical activity, overall health and society interrelate? This complex and broad subject is addressed by Prof. Dr. Jochen Mayer, who was appointed professor of sports science having a concentrate on sports and well being promotion in the Schw?bisch Gm?nd University of Education….
Separated and however united – halftime at “VIP”
Initially born out of necessity, the international “VIP – Virtual Partner Exchange” system amongst Grand Valley State University in Michigan (USA) and the Schw?bisch Gm?nd University of Education has develop into a great accomplishment. At the VIP, which is now half its term behind…
Market understanding of scientific phenomena.
Physics only elicits a tired yawn from a number of students or leaves a question mark. But that doesn’t need to be the case, says Jan Winkelmann, newly appointed junior professor for all-natural science education at the Schw?bisch Gm?nd University of Education. Amongst other things, he researches how…

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