Exhibition Graphic Wall Straight

Exhibition Graphic Wall Straight comprise of an aluminium round tubing construction, magnetic interlocking bars, headers and kickers for print hooking and stability. Fully collapsible and compact. Non standard options are available on request based on cube number at an additional fee.

Standard sizes available include:

Cubes                                                       Dimensions

WEXS34: 3 cubes high x 4 cubes wide = 2180mm high x 4308mm wide (6 panels of 718mm wide)
WEXS33: 3 cubes high x 3 cubes wide = 2180mm high x 3590mm wide (5 panels of 718mm wide)
WEXS32: 3 cubes high x 2 cubes wide = 2180mm high x 2872mm wide (4 panels of 718mm wide)
WEXS31: 3 cubes high x 1 cubes wide = 2180mm high x 2154mm wide (3 panels of 718mm wide)

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Ideal Displays most noteworthy offer a factory warrantee.

This warrantee includes all components and also workmanship.

As a result all products will be repair or replace free of charge.

Hence, due to product prove to be defective in materials and or workmanship.

Above all, focus is on mass production.

First of all, standard product is kept in stock.

Standard product is continually available.

Likewise product designs are modular.

As a result designs make it easy to assemble.

Even more, Ideal Displays offer a complete one stop product solution.

As a result, this offer includes complete design.

System fabrication is from raw materials.

The product is powder coated.

The complete final product is supplied in assembled form.

Most noteworthy, the print room is situated on the same premises.

Furthermore, this ensures a short turnaround time.

As a result, client approach is a single point of contact.

This ensures that no time is lost from inception to completion.

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