Cloth Banner Wall Straight



Cloth Banner Wall Straight comprise of an aluminium round tubing construction, soft carry case, with or without full color prints – fully collapsible and compact. This system as a standard is available in straight configuration although a curved and non-standard alternatives are available on request. Cloth Banner Wall Straight

Standard sizes available include:

Cubes                                                 Dimensions

WC36: 3 cube high x 6 cubes wide = 2220mm high x 4320mm wide

WC35: 3 cube high x 5 cubes wide = 2220mm high x 3700mm wide

WC34: 3 cube high x 4 cubes wide = 2220mm high x 2920mm wide

WC33: 3 cubes high x 3 cubes wide = 2220mm high x 2220mm wide

WC32: 3 cubes high x 2 cubes wide = 2220mm high x 1490mm wide

WC31: 3 cubes high x 1 cube wide = 2220mm high x 770mm wide

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

WC36 – 2220 x 4320, WC35 – 2220 x 3700, WC34 – 2220 x 2920, WC33 – 2220 x 2220, WC32 – 2220 x 1490, WC31 – 2220 x 770

System Only

Yes, No

Print Only

Yes, No


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