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The Overhead Rotating Banner attracts attention by means of continuous 360 degree rotation – electrical motor driven. Allowing a maximum of four double sided printed panels that is overhead suspended for maximum exposure – with or without full colour print – fully collapsible and compact.

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Ideal Displays most noteworthy offer a factory warrantee on all components and also workmanship.  As a result this warrantee includes that Ideal Displays will repair or replace an item free of charge. Hence, due to a product proves to be defective in materials and or workmanship.

Above all, our focus is on mass production. First of all, standard product is kept in stock and is readily available. Likewise product designs are modular, making it easy to assemble and disassemble.  For the reason that designs can be modified so that a more appealing end product can be achieved.

Even more, Ideal Displays offer a complete one stop product solution. As a result, this offer includes design, system fabrication from raw materials, including powder coating and final product assembly. Most noteworthy, the print room is situated on the same premises. Furthermore, this ensures that the turnaround time is kept to a minimum. As a result, clients are offered a single point of contact ensuring that no time is lost from inception to completion.




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